How do I place an order?

All orders are taken via the website or via our Facebook page. It is often easier to speak and order directly with us using Facebook messenger via our Facebook page. We can then answer any questions, explain your options, inform of wait times and quote for delivery. If the item you are after is out of stock then please message HerpXotics directly via the Facebook page. It might be that we are waiting for a delivery of one element of your item. If so, we can add you to the list or take your order and you will be next in line as soon as we receive the items we need!

What is the wait time on an order?

The wait time on orders is dependent on the materials we have and the number of other orders. With the current covid situation, some of our deliveries are being delayed. If you want to place an order and would like to know the wait time, please drop the HerpXotics Facebook page a message!

Why is plastic more expensive than glass or wood?

Plastic is generally a more expensive material however its longevity is second to none! If cared for appropriately, plastic enclosures and racks can last a lifetime! Glass enclosures are open to cracking or smashing and wood can quickly degrade from water and heat. Plastic is free from these problems, it will not be affected by UV, water or reasonable temperatures!

Do you ship nationally or internationally?

All of our products are available anywhere mainland UK, for international orders, please contact the Facebook page or email for a quote!

How much is delivery?

All of our UK based deliveries are completed by our our courier company and the price of your delivery will be based on your location and calculated at checkout.

Can I collect my order?

Orders can be collected directly from our warehouse; this service is available Monday to Friday 10am-5pm

Our warehouse address is

Unit E Oyo Business Units
Fishers Grove
Fitzherbert Road

Please ensure you order before you travel to the warehouse and confirm when your order will be ready as we are unable to take orders and payments on site. ​

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Payment plans are available on our products, we require a 25% non-refundable deposit, of the total price of your order. As soon as we have received your final payment, we will start to make your products! Payment plans will have a specific time frame they need to be paid by, this is individual to you and your order so please contact the Facebook page or email for more information!

Is plastic suitable for high humidity and high temperature animals?

Plastic is absolutely perfect for animals that require high ambient temperatures and/or high humidity! As the plastic is fully sealed together, it means humidity cannot get in between joins within the enclosure, often in wooden enclosures, this leads to the breakdown of the wood, sometimes bulging and blowing out. This will not happen with plastic! 

Do the vivariums and racks come pre-built?

Anything under 4ft in length will come prebuilt. Unfortunately, anything larger cannot be safely transported prebuilt so these items will arrive flat packed, with detailed instructions! All racks will come pre-built.

Do the racks come with electrics fitted?

It is totally up to you! With most of our racks, you can choose if you’d like just the shell of the rack or if you would prefer a plug and play item, already fully kitted out! However, this is dependent on the individual rack. Please see available options on our website or speak to one of the staff via our Facebook page. 

Can the racks be stacked?

Absolutely! Our racks have our very own unique stacking design meaning they can be safely slotted into each other, with no risk of slipping or moving about! We also have other stacking options available such as the stacking plates, these are perfectly designed plates to sit in between two racks. They hold the thermostat of each rack in them, making it easy to change the temperature of the rack without having to pull it out!

Where should I place the thermostat prob in my rack?

Upon arrival, you should always set up your rack and leave it for a minimum of 48 hours before housing any animals in it. This will allow the mats to come up to temperature and give you enough time to repeatedly check that the rack is staying at your ideal temperature. Locate the thermostat probe and place it through the back of the rack; we recommend the middle of the rack. Place the probe directly onto the heat mat, up against the side of the rack, so the probe does not get knocked when using the rack. Stick the probe down with either duct tape or silver foil tape to prevent it from moving or falling; if the probe is not on the heat mat, it cannot correctly read and control the heat mat temperature correctly. Always be sure to secure the probe firmly in position so it cannot come away from the mat. This can quickly lead to extreme temperatures if the probe comes away. It is the customer’s responsibility to make the temperatures safe.

Why is my card payment not going through?

There has been a major change in card online security, please check the following:

Ensure pop ups are not blocked

Enter your full address and postcode correctly

Check with your bank if your card is registered/enrolled for 3dsv2 (3d secure verification 2)​