How We Started

Since 2019, we have been helping customers all over the UK make the best choices for their animals. Herp Xotics are industry experts and have seen it all when it comes to poorly made or overpriced animal enclosures.

We help people make the right decision to ensure their animals have long and happy lives. Whether it’s hard to find plastic tanks, vivariums and racking systems or bespoke one off enclosures – we can help.


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Our Products

Moving away from the traditional glass and wood enclosures, our high quality plastic enclosures increase the lifetime of your purchases and are built to last. Through extensive research, many hours of designing and a passion for what we do – we believe we have cracked the formula.

We built our first 33lt RUB rack in 2019, after a lengthy design phase, and our range has grown progressively since then. Our design means we have better insulating properties than other racks and the modular form means you can start out small and extend whenever you need to, without having to rebuy.

All of our products are created using 13mm plastic (most companies use 10mm) and 4mm toughened glass (most companies use normal glass). Our products are cut using a CNC machine, we currently have 2 on site. Using these machines means all edges are neat and smooth cuts.

Our vivarium’s have a unique ventilation systems, holes are drilled into the vivarium’s meaning animals can not push out and escape, no need to glue or screw them in! An additional backing can be added to take the holes from 5mm to 3mm.

In the snake racks, all heat mats are individually recessed into the shelves so tubs slide in/out with ease. Ventilation and plug holes are already cut into them. Unique stacking design to safely stack multiple racks.

Tortoise tables have toughened glass viewing areas.

Arboreal vivarium’s have a deeper bottom plinth, allowing extra room for substrate for example bioactive enclosures.

All enclosures 1200mm long or longer, will have a central plinth machined into the design, makes the vivarium stronger with no sagging or bending at the front

Our range continues to grow and we are always looking at new designs and styles to offer our valued customers across the UK.

Got a Question?

Unsure of what you need? Contact us and our friendly staff will be more than willing to help.